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Clemson Will Redshirt Xavier Thomas After Battle With COVID-19 (And Strep Throat?)

This is a big loss for Clemson, who was already coming into the 2020 season without WR Justyn Ross. Thomas, the former 5-star recruit only has 5.5 sacks in his two seasons at Clemson, but he was 100% in line for a breakout year. You have to feel for the guy, however he won't use a year of eligibility thanks to the updated redshirt rule.

Dabo says that this decision was made due to him not being in football shape, which obviously is not Thomas' fault. He also mentioned strep throat?

Never heard of a guy being redshirted because of strep throat. I guess after your immune system battles off COVID-19, strep throat could derail you? 

Xavier Thomas should be able to play up to 4 games this season, which of course is a decent amount in an upcoming shortened season.

Best of luck to Xavier Thomas as he gets back to full health.