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I'm A Bit Sad About Rondale Moore Opting Out...Actually, I'm Lying I'm Quite Devastated

Welp. There goes my 5-5 record prediction for Purdue this year. 

What a kick in the dick. And that's in no way a shot of anger or anything resembling that to Rondale. It's really the only call for him. It just sucks. 

Right now it's more so just "what could have been?" rather than being pissed at this kid. 

I've wrote about it before - I was at his first collegiate game back in August 2018 on a Thursday night at Purdue. He was the best player on the field as a true freshman then and every other game he strapped them up after that - including against #2 Ohio State when they upset them later that season. 

He is that good. And that part of me sits and thinks about what could have been with him and fellow future pro David Bell running together in the same offense. We didn't get it to the full effect that we should have. That's selfishly a bummer. 

But I mean what else was he to do? This isn't him avoiding injury. It's him avoiding what's been a virus that's been fucking up the world and mostly the United States now for the last almost six months the best he can. 

It's almost fitting in the recent history of Purdue sports of "what could have been". What if Robbie Hummel didn't tear his ACL twice? What if the tip ball would have just gone out of bounds or fell into the hands of Carsen Edwards instead of allowing Virginia to tie it at the buzzer in the Elite 8? What if Rondale Moore wouldn't have gotten hurt in his sophomore season? What if he had stayed? 

But he's not. He's leaving, and as shitty as it will be to not have that excitement and thrill every time 4 touches the ball for Purdue this fall, it'll always be great having the year we had with him. 

Now I'm going to go re-watch that 2018 Ohio State game to cheer me up.