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ALERT: Bryson DeChambeau Has Broken His Driver At The PGA Championship

Of course. OF COURSE Bryson DeChambeau just broke his driver at the PGA Championship. Why wouldn't that happen? You seriously couldn't script this shit when it comes to Bryson. Everything he does becomes something. Ever since the PGA Tour restarted Bryson has done something on at least a weekly basis to steal headlines. We go back and forth every ten seconds on how we feel about Bryson but you can't deny that he makes the sport of golf WAYYYYYYYY more interesting. He's got people who don't give a shit about golf tuning in being like, "What the hell is going on over there in golf with the meathead scientist guy?" He's must-see TV every time he tees it up and it's usually for all the wrong reasons.

Looks like he broke it when he leaned on it after the drive. They just said on the broadcast that Bryson keeps a couple replacement drivers and a couple replacement shafts in his car (of course he does) so he'll be able to put one of those into play. He won't be without a driver the rest of the round. So goddamn funny man. After all the talk about protein shakes and how he beefed up during the layoff so he can hit a golf ball further than anyone on Tour, Bryson DeChambeau broke his driver at the PGA Championship on day one. That is truly incredible. I can't wait to see what other crazy shit he does this week.