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Tiger Woods And Rory McIlroy Discussed Current Events (MLB, NFL, Global Pandemic) On The Tee Box At The PGA Championship

Alright so that's kinda hard to hear obviously but essentially what happened there was Tiger taught Rory that Dodger fans hate the San Francisco Giants, Tiger doesn't think that the NFL stands a chance coming back during the pandemic and Tiger thinks that, if MLB has one more outbreak, their season is finished. All in all a fascinating chat between two great golfers.

Bryson DeChambeau likely disagrees but this is exactly the type of shit golf, and sports in general, needs so so so much more of. More up close and personal moments of professional athletes being regular people. Keep the camera on them and see what happens (Bryson's nightmare). Watching Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy be two totally normal dudes discussing the current state of sports in 2020 was AWESOME. The announcer briefly started talking over Tiger and Rory and I wanted to jump through my TV but he quickly realized it was better to just let the moment happen. Really good stuff from the broadcast.

Throwback to an all time great Nike commercial