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Last Call For Our Derby/N64/Drinking Extravaganza Tomorrow At Sto's Bar




TL;DR DETAILS: STO’S Bar, 2nd and Market, 3 PM, MK64, Goldeneye, Beer Pong, Drink/Food Specials, Madness Galore.

It’s almost here. A day full of delight is upon us on Saturday. The NFL Draft, playoff games galore, the Kentucky Derby is only the beginning. At Sto’s Bar on 2nd and Market in Olde City starting at 3pm, we’re going to have food/beer specials to go along with yet another Mario Kart tournament for me to win. Also, Goldeneye and other games will be going on as well as a beer pong tourny for me to double win, too. All good, nay, GREAT things for a Saturday afternoon fiesta. Let’s dance.

Also, if you put down a $10 donation to charity, anyone who beats me in MK64 BATTLE will get $20 right on the spot. If we’re drinking enough and driving good that may carry over to races, but there’s no doubt in my mind whatever charity we get is going to make a BOATLOAD of dough. I may be a the best drifter you’ve ever seen, but I’m also greatest battler God has ever bestowed on Earth. I’m putting my money where my mouth is unlike some bloggers who say they’re the tits of the town then back off claiming their shoulder hurts. Good luck.