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Ben Simmons Has Partially Dislocated His Knee and I Don't Know What the Hell is Going On

From what I've read all of those big words up there mean a dislocated knee. The only thing I'm confused about is what the hell was going on in the past 24 hours when everyone said nothing was wrong. 

How does the MRI initially come back clean and then a day later it comes back not clean? To make things more confusing, nobody has any idea how long hes going to be out. I guess it could be two weeks, I guess it could be 6 weeks. Good thing the GOAT of twitter doctors was around to weigh in on the matter.

So let's think positively here. Chao said it's better than the Mahomes inury which sidelined him from October 18th to November 10th. I get it's a different sport but fuck it we're gonna go ahead and say that it's gonna be less than the 3 weeks for Mahomes. Also Chao says it depends on the severity, and with all the reports that came out yesterday saying that he wasnt feeling any pain or swelling I want to believe that it can't be too severe of a case right? If it were, nobody would have been saying everything about him being fine. 

All right case closed. This sucks but I'm officially deeming Simmons out for two weeks. He will be back for the majority of the first round of the playoffs. Nothing could go wrong. Nothing ever goes wrong.