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Barstool Debates Championship: Tommy Smokes v. Jake from DC

YOU'RE LOOKING LIVE (on tape delay and now in blog form), at the Championship match-up of Barstool Debates presented by Hard Factor on Barstool Radio -- SIRIUS XM Channel 85. 

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After plowing through the competition on their respective sides, Hardo Hive member Jake from DC and The self-proclaimed Cum Rag, Vape God, and Adult Film star enthusiast, Tommy Smokes, duked it out, head to head, mono y mono, ONE ON ONE, for the chance to be crowned Barstool Debate Champion.  Watch the full Debate below to find out who won.

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Round #1: What is the best crime to commit? 

Round #2: Who is the best fictional Detective of all time?

Round 3: Who has experienced a more embarrassing moment?

Watch the full debate below and all past debates on Youtube or listen to Hard Factor Radio on SiriusXM on-demand to find out who won today.


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