We Need More Jorts In Baseball. Plain And Simple

Something I've never understood is that baseball is primarily a summer sport yet they make their players wear pants. I get that sliding in pants might be a little easier on the ol' skin than it would be in a pair of some kick ass jorts. But still. Not sure how much you guys know about weather, but typically it is hot as heck out there on a midsummer's day. Any job that requires its employees to perform outdoor manual labor on a sweltering hot July afternoon whilst wearing pants just seems like some horrifying working conditions. 

To me it just seems like it is long overdue to let these dudes toss on a pair of jorts to get out there and smack the ball around. I understand why baseball players had to wear pants back when guys like Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio were playing. But back then you had to throw on a 3-piece suit just to go outside to grab the morning paper. But maybe baseball can do itself a favor and just get with the times for once. The sport can keep cranking it to be "America's Pastime" as much as it wants, but maybe come out of the past for a change. Let the boys rock some jorts and maybe you can stop the game from dying. 

And if anything, it'll only make these guys better out there. I mean look at the type of mobility you can get in a pair of jorts as opposed to tight ass baseball pants. 

Nothing more bad ass than some killer range of motion, and that's simply a fact. 

Sidenote: Why does minor league baseball have a monopoly on all the best team names?