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This Baywatch Scene Featuring Mike Piazza Taking Cuts On The Beach Is One Of The Most Absurd I've Ever Seen

I kinda missed the Baywatch heyday, I've obviously seen some episodes but I was a little young when it was in its prime so forgive me if this isn't the most outrageous scene in the show's history. However, it's going viral at the moment and it just caught my eye. It's a one minute clip and it's almost impossible to discern what the most preposterous part is, but I've got.

1. Mike Piazza taking cuts on the beach in almost full uniform. It reminds me of the Doug Mirabelli "Dougie's going deep" story where he was taking full rips in the mirror, naked. Only this one was actually put to the small screen rather than written in a joke blog. Hollywood writers said, "Yes that is a good idea" rather than a guy with a blog thinking, "That's funny and ridiculous."

2. Pam giving the "I know the water's shallow but it's still dangerous" line while a girl flails in ankle deep water. That somehow felt more disingenuous than the line in horror movies when they have to address that they all have zero cell reception because the movie would be two seconds long if they didn't. I mean, just stand up. Idk if Piazza can't swim or wouldn't go a LITTLE deeper for his rescue, but that's just a ludicrous depth to rescue someone.

3. Mike Piazza picking up a girl at the beach.

4. I'm gonna assume give Piazza the benefit of the doubt here and assume he knows how to say his name, but also I'm pretty sure that girl mispronounced it. Isn't it Pee-aht-zuh and not Pee-azz-uh? Idk if those attempted phonetics make sense but my point is I've said his name differently my entire life.

PS - This scene from One Tree Hill is still probably the most absurd in TV history