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The Biggest Hit In The Return To Sports So Far Has Come From....Cycling

After reviewing the play, that's just a good clean hockey hit right there. If you don't want to get bulldozed into next week, maybe think about keeping your head up as you're sprinting toward the finish line. I mean that's shoulder-to-shoulder at worst right there. No contact was made with the head. He kept his elbows in. This just seems more of a weight room issue to me than anything else. One of these guys clearly gets after it in the weight room, and the other is just shows up for the sauna and smoothies. 

But just because the hit was clean doesn't mean it wasn't massive. Ultimate carnage right there. Unfortunately he ended up taking himself out in the process and then proceeded to literally get run over. But that's just the price you have to be willing to pay sometimes if you want to lay the body like that. Hard to imagine we'll see a bigger clean hit than that the rest of the summer. Many can try, few can succeed. Unless somehow the Jets are able to bring back Byfuglien on emergency purposes since half their team is on the IR right now. 

Anyway, cycling is a contact sport now. Maybe Lance was just ahead of the curve when he started roiding up.