Shoutout To This Sea Lion Pup Who Decided To Just Take A Stroll Along The Streets Of San Francisco


GMA – A sea lion pup that wandered onto the streets of San Francisco early Thursday morning is now resting safe at a marine mammal rescue center. A tourist first spotted the male sea lion under an SUV in San Francisco’s Marina District around 6:30 a.m., ABC News station KGO-TV reports.

You’re lying if you don’t think this sea lion looks great right now. Dude looks like he’s been summer ready for months now. If you looked that good, you’d be wanting to strut around showing off your shit too. Earth is about 75% water and I’m sure this stud already has the entire seaworld eating out of the palm of his fins. But there’s so much more to the world than that. To be exact, there’s about 25% more to the world than that. So do you think for one second that this devilishly handsome sea lion pup isn’t going to take a chance and see what all the fuss about this land stuff is about? Hell no. He has an American Dream just like the rest of us. He’s got the goods to make it big here, and if all else fails, he just heads on back to the water to lead a pretty dope life. Do you know how much sea lion pussy living on land gets you? Probably all of the sea lion pussy. It’s this sea lion’s world, we’re all just living in it.