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Uhh, I'm Pretty Sure Jeff Van Gundy Wants To Kill His Neighbor's Dog And Needs To Be Arrested Right This Second

Uhh, what the FUCK Jeff Van Gundy? You're talking about a dog here. Everyone loves dogs. If you don't love all dogs, you're a crazy person. Jeff Van Gundy is clearly a crazy person. There is no such thing as an ugly dog, there are just dogs. Even if it's an 'ugly' dog they are still adorable. It's pretty clear that Jeff Van Gundy needs to be arrested, that's the only thing here that needs to happen. That or just keep him in the Orlando bubble and away from probably the adorable, cuddly dog. Put that dog on TV with Mark Jackson instead. 

I always knew Stan was the better Van Gundy. 

PS: This kinda reminds me of the time Bill Walton asked how Dave Pasch's dead dog was: