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Mike Trout With Dad Strength Is The Most Unstoppable Force Known To Mankind

Mike Trout just became a father to a baby boy over the weekend. While he was home he probably got zero sleep and yet he's returned maybe better than ever. Dude has three bombs in two games, including this absolute nuke in the 8th inning tonight in the second video. Ball was fucking pissed on. Here's the thing: Trout should be ineligible for dad strength. You can keep the kid sure, but you don't get any extra powers dude. That's not fair to anyone. Dad strength is more powerful than steroids. 

What does Aaron Judge have to do to get himself an MVP award? Adopt a kid? Guy has seven homers through 11 games and Trout is still going to run away with this thing because he's Trout. Give him this added dad strength now and there's nothing anyone can do. And don't tell me dad powers aren't a thing because they are. 

Dude is just so fucking good at baseball and it sucks he's stuck in Anaheim on this irrelevant team. Despite his two blasts the Halos lost this one 7-6. It's nuts how big of a star he'd be if he played on the East Coast for a decent market team. Most of the country is asleep already meanwhile Trout is hitting balls to Saturn and doing awesome shit. It is a privilege to watch this man play the great sport that we call baseball, but we're also deprived of him being where he is. 

P.S. The Mariners pitcher should've struck out Trout the pitch before his second homer on a back door slider, but it was called a ball. One moment you think you've fooled the greatest hitter in the sport's history, the next you're watching a ball you threw land in a different area code.