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Kirby Dach Has Been Training With Patrick Kane's Guy And That Is Trouble For The NHL

(ESPN)--A year ago, when he was in juniors, he probably would have lifted heavy weights and bulked up that way. Instead, Dach was inspired by how Kane seemed to be getting more productive with age. Kane introduced Dach to Chicago-based trainer Ian Mack, whose workouts are typically body-movement-based, and focus on mobility and muscle elasticity.

Dach stayed in Chicago for a week after the season was paused to get to know Mack, then the two worked virtually after Dach returned home to Alberta.

"Ian is really different, he's got a unique way of doing things," Dach said. "My body feels super strong. I was able to add a little weight and change my lower body. I want to add weight but add it properly -- I want to keep my speed and play the way I play right now, and not restrict my body by lifting heavy weights or doing things that would hurt my body in years to come."

When post-quarantine training camp got underway in July there was one storyline that kept getting repeated...Kirby Dach has turned into a MONSTER

We've seen it play out in the playoffs against the Oilers through two games. Kirby Dach is different and now we know why...Patrick Kane introduced him to his guy. Why did Kane give Kirby tips...because he believes in him

"He (Kirby) has all the potential in the world. I think he can be a top player in the league. ... He can be as good as he wants, you know?"--Patrick Kane

The Blackhawks have been looking for a 2C to slot in the lineup behind Toews for years. Well every game that passes it starts to look like Dach isn't going to be that guy. He looks like a 1C. Whether or not he was the right pick in that spot might be debated in the future, but the one thing you can't deny that Dach is the real fucking deal. Toews thinks the same thing

"As the season went along, Kirby was getting more physical, hanging on to pucks. He's so big and strong and fast and skilled that when he puts his mind to it, there's nothing he can't do."--Jonathan Toews

For those keeping score at home that is a RINGING endorsement from the three best players in the history of the organization(I know what I said. I don't want to hear from the comment section about Hull, Mikita, Pilote, and Chelios. The three I mentioned are the top 3). Big, strong, skilled, good skater, confident, and cut from the right kind of cloth from what I can tell. It would've been so easy for a guy like Dach to go home during quarantine, DM girls all day in between pizzas and Call Of Duty, but he didn't do that. He got to work. He probably still DM'd girls, but that's probably because sex is good core workout. He put the work in and it's paying off. As bad as the Hawks looked in Game 2, Dach still shined. He created, he won battles, and he was a difference-maker for the Blackhawks. 

Which brings me to tonight. The Hawks have the last change tonight. They will have the ability to match-up. I want them to also load up. 

When it's McDavid on the ice...give me Kubalik-Toews-Saad with your best skating dmen Duncan Keith and Adam Boqvist. 

When it's the Draisaitl line...give me Debrincat-Dach-Kane with the Dmen you trust most de Haan and Murphy. 

Kirby Dach gives you the confidence to do that. With Kane on his flank and getting support from those D he won't be overwhelmed which is crazy to say about a 19 year-old in his first playoff. That's because he can bang, protect pucks, and most plays. Dach looks like a guy who can be in a Selke discussion some day. Need those type of habits again tonight. Win pucks, get it to Kane, create space and make Leon miserable. Let's fucking go.