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Steve Stone Has Been Shitting All Over The Twins On Twitter Today

You gotta love this. I mean I can't see it because I am so beyond blocked I might as well be dead to Stone Pony, but anyone who shits on the Twins gets an A+ in my books. Fuck them and their 300+ home runs. Fuck'm right in the ear, as Morrie from Goodfellas would say, may he RIP in the back of his pink Cadillac. 

But then after digging into it and trying to absorb the words in his tweets, was he even talking shit or was he just speaking in stone cold truths? "The truth hurts" as they say, even if Stone Pony comes off as a little bit pompous in all of his responses. He ain't kidding when he said that the young White Sox beat the big bad Yankees 4 of 6 times they played last year. Eloy singlehandedly shit all over them:

And never forget these tweets:

Or this tweet:

Since this tweet, here is Moncada's stat line:

This blog was originally meant to shit on the Twins but I'll never turn down an opportunity to pivot and tell the Yankees and their fans to fuck themselves. We're coming for ya Hubbs, we're coming for ya Mush, ya fuckin' little pipsqueaks. Might not be until the playoffs this year if at all, but this team is coming for ya. Be prepared.

Oh and yes I am still blocked by Steve Stone… but the White Sox are 6-0 since that fateful evening. Coincidence? I don't think so. I have an innate ability to piss people off, and if pissing off a dude I grew up idolizing for his baseball brain is what it takes for them to keep winning, I am all for it. 

Oh and PS - the White Sox have a fucking loaded offense. LOADED…. and they haven't even had a full roster yet with TA getting hurt, Eloy and Moncada missing a couple games, Mazara having the Rona, and the pitching injuries. Once those guys are all settled into their respective spots in the lineup, they will be terrifying for starting pitchers. Terrifying. Blah blah blah small samples blah blah blah but Moncada, Robert, Eloy, and the FUTURE is pissing on the ball and that's what matters. Gonna be like that for a solid decade.