Johnny Football Just Dunked All Over Darren Rovell

As one who's taken an internet beating or 4 in my life, I should feel for Darren Rovell. I should empathize with him as someone who endured the trauma of going through #MouseGate, #StatueGate, #ChainGate, #LuisRobertGate, #TwinsGate and whatever other gates I've gotten myself into.

But nope. There is absolutely NOTHING better than when an athlete, celebrity or random person shits on Darren Rovell for being the internet's biggest pipsqueak weasel. I pine for it and I get off to it. I fucking love it more than I love my own mother because I know how much it makes that little pipsqueak squirm. And being called a bitch? Yeah that's about the most insulting thing you can call a guy, especially when it's inarguably true like it is for Rovell. 

This troll still makes me LOL every time I think about it. So simple yet so perfect: