Off The Dugout And Into The Cleanup Spot: Juan Soto Officially Is Back In The Nats Lineup Tonight




We made it! At long last, Juan Soto will take his first at bat since winning the World Series almost a year ago! I cannot believe how long ago that is in reality, but it also feels like just yesterday as well. Time, what a concept 



He will finally take his first at bat during game 9. NINE!!! That's 15% into the season, meaning he missed the first 13.3%, which is insane. Also insane that 15% of the season is 9 games, what a fucking wild thing to really think about. This season is going to be over in the blink of an eye. The fact the Nats were without Soto for so long because of a likely false positive is bananas. 

Thankfully 1) he's only 21 years old, 2) he's going to hit a homer tonight, and 3) the NL East is a disaster zone so the Nats are still fine. But regardless of how optimistic one can be, there's no doubt we lost out on a win or two without his bat in the lineup.

But bygones are bygones as they say in the old country, and the sailing seas continue wind or rain or shine. Soto is back, sport are back, and let's never take any of this shit for granted again. God damn. Ever sit around and think about the fact we just were without sports every single day for MONTHS???? It'll never not be bizarre to me. Let's never go through this again. Cook your bats, folks.