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Frank The Tank's Scottish Accent Is Unlike Anything I've Ever Heard In My Entire Life

Holy. Moly. Forget the controversy surrounding Tank's alleged cheating on The Dozen, this should be the number one Tanker story on the internet right now. I love all his videos, but that accent was something else. As far as I'm concerned it's Sean Connery, Mike Myers doing an impression of a Scotsman, and Tank. He didn't even break character. All four minutes and thirty-one seconds he was back in the motherland enjoying a delicious Irn Bru. Well done, Tank!  

If you're interested in the controversy I mentioned at the beginning of this blog here's a recap. It's tough to follow along because the stream skips every .2 seconds, but basically Brandon accused Frank of cheating. (I think.) 

I think he's also allowed to continue cheating as long as he doesn't admit it. Who knows. Tune in to the Dozen tomorrow at 11:00 AM as I'm sure they'll have a follow up. It's easily one of the most entertaining shows on the network. Sirius XM Channel 85.