Wait So Now Hannah Ann Was Spotted Entering The Bachelorette Bubble????


Absolute chaos right now in the Bachelor Cinematic Universe. It's been just one thing after another these last couple of days. First there were rumors that Clare had fallen head over heels for one of the contestants on her season (and got engaged??) and refused to continue doing the show and then rumors started flying around that Tayshia was being flown in and quarantined as Clare's replacement and now we've got Hannah Ann being spotted entered The Bachelor bubble in Palm Springs. Madness. 

Tayshia replacing Clare as The Bachelorette has been 99.9% confirmed at this point so where the hell does Hannah Ann fit into the puzzle? Very confusing. I get that it's commonplace for old cast members to come back and give advice to a new Bachelorette but do Tayshia and Hannah Ann even know each other? No, right? Tayshia and Hannah Ann haven't been on any shows together so why would Hannah Ann be there? It makes no sense. Are they still considering replacing Clare with Hannah Ann? Or are the producers just throwing everyone a curveball to create the sort of chaos we're seeing now? That feels like the most likely scenario because Hannah Ann has said in the past that she has no interest in being The Bachelorette (yet) but who knows.

Here's what we do know, there are no rules. None. Zip. Zilch. There are no rules. Anything can happen in the Bachelor Cinematic Universe and that's precisely the way we like it.