Everyone making fun of Russell Wilson is telling on themselves for not being UNLIMITED

This morning the internet was treated to a video from 2018 were Russell Wilson put on his DJ Khaled hat and motivated the world with a motivational speech that would make Tony Robbins choke on his own cum.:

As far as I can tell it was unearthed by friend of the progrum Warren Sharp which is ironic because Warren is a big advocate of using 11 personell to actualy run the ball on goal-to-go situations. Funny how Master P embraced No Limit culture and made Americans say uhhhhh, but when Russell WIlson does it we say uhhh no thanks. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Irregardless of your thoughts on what QB tier Wilson belongs to or what rides at Disney Land he's permitted to safely ride, theres no denying that Wilson has a elite mindset when it comes to the question of whether or not you should accept limits. So is the unlimited lifestyle right for you? Lets break it down into advantages and disadvantages-


-There are no limits

-Your unlimited

-Limitations are a thing of the past


-Haters who try to say that you shouldnt be unlimited

-Having Limits can sometimes be good like when it comes to carbs or your comfort level with the amount of time your wife spends with a member of the Migos

-The cons I suppose are also unlimited. Kind of a deal with the devil situation

The choice for me is clear- you need a guy to be a evangelist for this type of attitude. Maybe after all the mess about getting cancelled its time we listen to people who can sell culture and stop listening we stop listening to those who will have no Future.

PS I also love how he intros this speech by saying he's not a robot while literaly failing a Turing Test and thinking his digital camera was Colin Cowherd.