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If You Make It 30 Seconds Into This Russell Wilson Video Without Gouging Your Eyes Out You Deserve a Million Dollars

Whenever I get asked who my top 5 most hated athletes in the world are I always have Russell Wilson firmly in there. Why some may say? He's such a good guy Eric come on! 

Well for starters he's ripped the Packers hearts out more ways than I can remember, but that's irrelevant here. Second, it's videos like this. Dude has to be the most cringe worthy athlete of all time. Just insufferable to the highest order. The ultimate goober. Believes miracle water cures concussions. Names his new born kid Win. Sure he's a killer on the field, but then you post videos like this? Christ. There's a reason I rooted for him to strikeout when he got that spring training at bat for the Yankees. How can you make it more than 30 seconds in that video without offing yourself? They don't make prisoners in Guantanamo go through that kind of torture. Every time he said unlimited I feel like my internal organs decreased in functionality by 5%. 

Unlimited! Shoot me.