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UCF's Football Stadium Is Now Actually Called the Bounce House

The University of Central Florida has found itself once again in the headlines for being a joke of a college football program, this time for actually naming its football stadium the Bounce House. That's the real, actual name.

The artist formerly known as Spectrum Stadium will now go by its once-nickname of the Bounce House, at least until UCF can find a sponsor, I'd guess. I'm left to assume to contract with Spectrum ran out and now is not the best time to be shopping naming rights for a Group of Five football stadium in a city where that program is maybe the 20th-most interesting attraction.

And I get what UCF is going for here. Honestly, they probably just want things like this blog. But it took me all of about 30 seconds to come up with a sponsor-less name that absolutely shits on the Bounce House: Blake Bortles Field aka the BOAT House. Talk about engaging the youths, am I right?

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If UCF changes course and decides to go with my suggestion, all I ask in the way of compensation is $1,000 (post-tax) and that the university drops all references to itself as the 2017 national champions. That's my only and final offer.