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Don't Let Anyone Tell You These Seeding Games Don't Matter

By now we've all seen the incredible Devin Booker game winner but it was so sweet let's just watch it one more time

Man what a shot. Well if that didn't bring you joy as a Suns fan, how about the reaction in the locker room? If you showed me that video out of context you couldn't convince me that me the Suns didn't just win the 2020 title. How rare was that moment in terms of NBA history? I dunno, seems pretty rare to me

This is why I always laugh at hardos who consistently tweet me shit like "regular season doesn't matter" all throughout the season. That couldn't be more false, especially this year. That's even more ridiculous as we now navigate through this bubble environment. Every single one of these bubble games matters for teams in the West and the haters are sick. Shit like this celebration is what I missed most about the hiatus. Huge upsets, locker room celebrations, it's all great to have back in our lives again.

And just like I said this morning in the Last Night In The NBA blog, the Suns are the real fucking deal. Their play in Orlando may be a surprise to you, but I saw this coming a mile away.

So their 3-0 record doesn't surprise me one bit. Think of how far the Suns have come in just a few years. They went from celebrating a 70 point performance in a LOSS

to now upsetting a title favorite and actually having something positive to celebrate. That's pretty cool and a great sign for their future. It does kind of suck that this team plays in the West because they could have a great season next year, win something like 45 games and still be like a 7 seed. That's rough. At the same time this is the first time in a long time that Suns fans have reason to be optimistic and that Suns celebration video confirms my stance that all of these games matter. It's not just about the playoffs or the Finals or anything else people will say who hate the NBA. 

Nothing against MEM, but now that JJJ is out I think I'm rooting for a POR/PHX play in game. Obviously Dame/CJ would be awesome to watch against the Lakers, but I'm also interested in seeing Devin Booker on the big stage. Hopefully that's how it shakes out.