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Allow Me To Introduce Myself With "A Girl Who Should Be On Your Radar" - Lauren Laratta

Allow me to introduce myself. The name's Malcolm Smutler. 

Long time stoolie, first-time blogger.

A little about me.

I'm from beautiful Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Which I recently moved back to move in with my mom and aunt. I was forced to retire (pre-covid) from my job operating Tilt-A-Whirl's due to an accident. It was with a fry-o-later I was covering for this guy Rusty who was on a smoke break. Never married. I was one time the 13th ranked Donkey Kong player in the world but that was long ago. I love hot chicks and follow lots of them. 

My plan is to showcase them here- random posts of good old fashioned T&A, a feature of "Girls Who Should Be On Your Radar", more frequent Guess That Ass', "Throwback Thursdays", and more. 

My goal is to help carry the torch that the long line of smut peddlers on this site have- Uncle Buck, Click Bait Smitts and WSD.

Today's Girl Who Should Be On Your Radar - Lauren Laratta

2 more things. 

1- I'll always try to end on an ass shot.

2- Drop any girls that should be on our radar down below. Share the wealth.