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Nothing But Sweet Chin Music

Marty Jannetty is trending because he casually confessed to a murder while also musing the morality of banging his non biological daughter in like a 24-hour window on Facebook. For legality purposes I won't speculate about his state of mind other than to say it's obviously completely fucked. Tough because back in the day The Rockers were a fantastic tag-team duo that predates some of the all time classics in professional wrestling. And while we have plenty of historians on staff capable of regaling you with their accomplishments, I'd rather spend my Marty Jannetty blog focusing on the other half of The Rockers. 

More specifically, I want to share nearly 9 minutes of unrestrained sweet chin music from the hallowed right heel of the man myth legend himself, Shawn Michaels. I know you think he's cute. I know you think he's sexy. I know you think he's got the looks that drive the girls wild. And the reason I know you think all that is because it's true and because it's the opening to his intro song, also top-5 all time: 

Just crazy to think how sweet HBK became after The Rockers while how awkward it is to reflect on Marty Jannetty. Hard cringe so let's keep it to the sweet chin music. Pound for pound it was right there behind a Stone Cold Stunner for finishing moves. Stomping in the corner. Lighting people's throats up. And most importantly he didn't develop rampant CTE in delivering it throughout the years. Just a phenomenal balance of risk/reward when you think long-term brain health. 

As for the guys on the receiving end?