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UConn Football Is First FBS Team To Cancel Their Season

When I saw the news this morning I wasn't really surprised. The writing was on the wall. If you aren't in a conference this year and your name isn't BYU or Army or Notre Dame, college football just isn't gonna work for you this year. 

It's unfortunate, but there may be a small benefit to UConn being first. They have established themselves as the most woke program in college football. Edsall wants the players being paid. He cancelled the season before anyone else. Will this help in recruiting? Who knows. 

As a fan of UConn, it stinks there will be no season, but this year was going to be a wash anyways. Who even knows if the season will happen. There will be a lot of jokes about how UConn should just cancel their football program altogether or whatever. Those jokes will be made by people who don't understand the situation. UConn football isn't going anywhere. They are just protecting their student-athletes. Sorry the team you cheer for doesn't care about a global pandemic.