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It Is With Sadness In My Heart To Announce That Cy Young Bieber's ERA Has Risen To 0.83

First of all: WE SCORED FOUR RUNS!!!!!!

Do you believe in miracles???

Yeah, I mean, I know it took us getting 8 batters to the plate in the 7th inning with only 1 infield base hit to score our first 2 runs in what seems like a millennium, but then we EXPLODED for two more in the 8th. I stand corrected about this Indians offense. We are lethal. And with Bieber on the mound, we are unbeatable. Source: Bieber is now 3-0. Other source: The Indians are 6-6 overall. That means we suck when he doesn't pitch.

But obviously the good news from last night is that Shane Bieber improved to 3-0. Resume looking GOOD. And he has 35 strikeouts through his first three starts, only two behind some guy named Nolan Ryan for most strikeouts through 3 starts since 1893. So yeah, if the Cy Young ended today he would be the unanimous winner. He would be the MVP too. But it's not all candy and roses with Shane Bieber. It is with sadness in my heart, and a little bit of embarrassment, that I announce that his ERA has risen to 0.83


2 runs in 7 and 2/3 innings? Has Bieber lost his fastball? We got lucky to get so much run support last night. But I wouldn't make a habit of relying on more than 1 run a night. You're dancing with the devil if you do that in Cleveland this year, Shane.

Anyways, here's your every 5 day reminder that we hold Shane Bieber through at least 2024.

Patrick Mahomes is out here with the audacity to talk about 5 or 6 Super Bowl rings. How about we stay a little more realistic with this one. Over/Under on Shane Bieber's Cy Young Awards with the Indians: 3.5

I'd take the Over.