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Orioles Manager Says It Was Basically Impossible To Plan For The Marlins Since He Had No Idea Who Was On Their Roster An Hour Before First Pitch

[Source] - "I still haven't seen their 30-man roster," Hyde said during his pregame availability at 6:10. "I do know quite a few of the players that are here, that I think are here. Familiar with a lot of their guys, but really tough to prepare because we're unfamiliar with many as well. We didn't know the starter for them tonight going in, somebody we prepared for last series in Miami. Not easy to prepare for a team you're not sure exactly who is on their roster, you're kind of guessing. It's very very unusual."

There goes Derek Jeter cheating against the Orioles again. Am I still holding a grudge because of 1996 and Jeffrey Maier? You bet your sweet ass I am. That little shit made Derek Jeter's career and I'm 100% convinced of that. He never reaches over Tony Tarasco's head and it's a can of corn out and Jeter doesn't become this playoff wonderkid. Fuck Jeffrey Maier always and forever. 

And now with the Birds fighting for a playoff spot - that's right. I'm calling it now. 60 game season, maybe not even 60 games, the Birds are fighting folks. You don't take 2 outta 3 from Boston to start the season and then sweep the Rays if you're not alive with 15 games to go. Well, now Derek Jeter is pulling some hijinks and that's the only way to describe last night's 4-0 loss to the Marlins. How is Brandon Hyde supposed to gameplan if he has no idea who the starting pitcher is let alone who is even on the roster? 

Not only that but the Os had to trade Richard Bleier to the Marlins because they needed healthy bodies! Granted it's Richard Bleier, the point still stands because guess who came in and pitched in relief last night? 

Just all part of Derek Jeter's plan to cheat to win for the Marlins. If Rob Manfred had any balls he'd address this situation and do what's right. Put the All-Star Game in Camden Yards again and correct the O's from getting screwed. I don't even know how the Marlins couldn't name the starter. Oh, probably because it was mayhem before the game: 

Time to make a playoff push.