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'As Much As I Love MJ, LeBron Is The One. He's The Motherfucking One. I'm Not Going To Fight It.' - Allen Iverson, Embracing Debate

I don't know if there's anything that gets people riled up in the basketball world more than LeBron vs MJ. It's been that way for years now. If you say LeBron is better, it's you don't appreciate 90s basketball, you're too young, you're a moron, etc. If you say Jordan is better you're stuck in the 90s, you just hate LeBron for his off the court shit, you just worry about ringz. Those are always the debates and counter-debates people have, no matter who you have this conversation with. 

But Allen Iverson? This is shocking. Granted, Iverson is the one dude from that era who has no shame in talking about how damn good the talent in the NBA is right now. He's the one that's always hyping up how good someone like Steph is. He's never been shy to talk about how this era deserves more respect but people like to hate on it, especially those that played in the 90s with Iverson. 

That said, he's also a dude who called Jordan 'Black Jesus' and now is calling LeBron 'the motherfucking one.' I'm torn. Both names are kinda awesome if we're being honest. I'm going to say something controversial here. It's almost as if both guys are the two best players in NBA history and could play in the other's era. MJ would develop a more consistent 3pt shot and still be the versatile defensive wing while scoring. LeBron would still be a freak and no one would be able to matchup with him well. I know, just a wild thought there. 

Here's the thing with Iverson too. He's just being himself. He's not saying this to draw up interest on shit. He's always said whatever he truly believes in. He's not one to shy away from conflict or a statement that people disagree with. He's always been raw, himself. That's why the NBA hated he was a star back in the day. They wanted that to be Grant Hill. Speaking of which I can't wait to see the reaction from people that played during the same time as Iverson as this quote blows up.