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Dame Said The Blazers Expect Melo To Hit Game-Clinching Shots Because He's A Hall Of Famer (He's Right And If You Disagree You're A Moron)

I've argued this before but I got plenty of times on my hands now. Carmelo Anthony is going to make the Hall of Fame and rightfully so. In fact, as the title says, I'm willing to call you a moron to your face (via my keyboard) if you disagree. I know people love to bash his time with the Knicks - it's not even remotely close to his fault that James Dolan is the owner. He didn't trade for Andrea fucking Bargnani. Was he at some fault? Sure, what star isn't when they don't win the title. But that doesn't change the fact he's a Hall of Famer. 

Let's just use Reggie Miller's career resume as a baseline for the Hall of Fame since everyone agreed when he made it. Here is how they stack up:

Reggie: 5x All Star, 3x All-NBA Third Team, USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year (2002), 50-40-90 club (1994), 21st in career points, 2nd in career threes, Third Team All-American and 1 gold medal. That’s a pretty good resume.

Carmelo: Carmelo: 10x All-Star, 2x All-NBA 2nd team, 4x All NBA Third Team, NBA Scoring Champ (2013), 17th leading scorer in NBA history, 40th in career threes, NCAA Champion, Final Four MOP, 2nd Team All-American and 3 gold medals.

Carmelo has the better basketball resume. That's what matters when we talk about the Hall of Fame. Resumes is what everyone looks at. Remember it's the Basketball Hall of Fame and even if it was the NBA Hall of Fame, he'd be in. Does he have flaws that we love to talk about? Absolutely. There were times he panicked defensively and got lost. There were times he was a chucker and inefficient scorer. He hasn't made the NBA Finals. Whatever, he's still such a damn good player. 

Yes, he was part of a horrendous trade and is on the way downside of his career, but the fact is he’s had a damn good basketball life. And that's why it's cool to see shit like last night. Melo hitting a game-clinching shot and playing serious minutes for a team fighting for the playoffs. There's a reason the Blazers signed him. 

PS: That game last night capped off an absolutely ridiculous day of games. Bubble life is fucking awesome.