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This Photo And The Story Behind It Are Simply Incredible And Astonishing


This is an absolutely stunning photo. Out of every photo that has ever been taken, this has to be in the top .01%. Stunning. What's even cooler than the photo though is they documented how the photo came to be. It's just...really incredible, man. So much talent and precision and I don't even know what else to type...just take a few minutes and watch the behind the scenes of it:



Man. Some of those other visuals from it too:



Sometimes I'm just so impressed, so blown away that I don't even know what to type in the blog. This is easily one of those times. It's just so cool to me. As a guy who spends 95% of his time on the couch (and the other 5% roller blading) I love seeing these incredible images, and then add to it the background on how it all came to be, oh and nevermind there is another human fucking walking across a tightrope just for kicks. All around amazing.