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Thanks To A New Coronavirus Rule In England, Couples Not Living Together Are Banned From Having Sex In Houses, But Can Bang At Hotels

Talk about a little good news, bad news situation here. Everyone knows hotel sex is a bit nicer because you don't have to really clean up, just leave an even better tip for the cleaning services. But what I really like is the specific of the rule here, where they can't have sex in a house or a garden or shed but hotels are good to go. 

Does it make absolute any sense? Nope. But what makes sense anymore? We've talked about James Harden's defense shutting down Giannis. We've talked about sex banned in houses with people you don't live with. Left is right. Right is left. So why not get weird with it all? 

I need to talk to couples over in England regarding this. Need to know how many 1) make it through if they abide by the rule and 2) how many are willing to say fuck it and risk the fine? Feel like hotel prices are about to go through the roof - in a pandemic. They just have to charge a bit under the fine and come up with some marketing slogan about how it's cheaper for you to fuck there instead of your own house. 

The rules are in place for 2 weeks. That feels like the fair amount of time for people to judge the relationships here. I know for sure there are a few married people ready for this rule to include living together too. Just looking for some peace and quiet and go sit and watch TV. Whatever though. I have no idea what the fuck we're doing with rules like this. If people want to bang, let them bang. Hotel, house, garden, shed, whatever other funny words the Brits have. You gotta trust they'll handle their business correctly.