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Devin Booker Drops A Dagger Directly In Paul George's Eyeball

Before we get to the shot: hey Zubac, what the fuck was that, bro? The Clippers defense did what it needed to do in that situation. They forced a bad shot, got the stop, and secured the rebound with 12 seconds left on the clock. PLENTY of time. No need to turn and fire it directly into your opposition. Take a breath, calm down. These aren't the playoffs but if you're that rattled in the regular season it doesn't feel like it bodes well for more important situations, yanno? Now, back to the shot.

Poor Paul George. Guy had built up such a solid reputation for himself when he was in Indiana. Losing to LeBron's Heat was nothing to be ashamed of. And then he gave himself the nickname "Playoff P" and it's been all downhill in big moments ever since. Paul George is an elite wing, there's a reason Kawhi agreed to sign with the Clippers if they could acquire Paul George to play along side of him. But as of this moment his most memorable moment in the NBA is when Dame dotted him between the eyes in the playoffs last year. Then earlier this season Jayson Tatum had him playing Twister with the game on the line in LA. Now Booker takes his turn today, does anyone have any respect for one of the premier defenders in the Association today??? It would appear not. Devin Booker shook off Kawhi, spun, and drained the game-winner with PG draped all over him. He remains 23-years old despite it seeming like he's been in the NBA for a decade. The Suns have not lost since the season restarted and Booker continues to be the catalyst behind their improvement. What a monster.