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The Rockets Gave Nets Players Tips On How To Beat The Bucks While Hanging Out By The Pool Yesterday

Now this is what I'm talking about! This is why the bubble is so awesome. The fun content we got before the games was cool, but this is the shit I really care about. Players always talk, so the fact that the Rockets are going out telling everyone how to beat the Bucks is fantastic. I imagine this is happening with every contender that loses. It's like tampering to some degree. Wouldn't you know it actually worked!

I don't care if the Bucks were managing everyone's minutes. The Nets are sending out a team that is barely an NBA roster, and to pull off the massive upset is impressive. Makes a lot more sense now though since we are learning they had all the secrets. They followed the Rockets advice perfectly in my opinion. My guess is they just told the Nets to make a bunch of threes, and they were 21-57 on the night! Tell me that isn't a Rockets level number. 

I really wish we could get more detail of what they were told. You know guys like James Harden and Westbrook were shitting all over Giannis & Co. That's probably why they tried all those dirty plays against Giannis today. Rockets probably told them that he was mentally weak or something. Either way it's simply fantastic that things like this are happening in the bubble and it's going to be even more interesting once we get into a playoff series. You find yourself struggling? Well just hit up a quick pool session with some of your buddies that had success against that team and boom, your problems are solved. That's an element we really haven't had before and I cannot wait to see how it impacts everyone's playoff run.