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Julia Rose's Double Ds Should Earn Her a Starring Role In The Next Fast And Furious Movie

I tell ya what. I didn't expect to wake up today and be jealous of a seat belt. An inanimate object like a seat belt was not going to have a better day than me, but here I am admitting my faults. Julia Rose's seat belt won today's events. I'm calling it at 3:20 PM local time, sorry to everyone who tried, come back tomorrow. 

If Julia Rose isn't cast in the next Fast and Furious movie after showing off her double ds here then I don't know anything. Her driving and drifting people, get your mind out of the gutter! To the director and producer of the ultra successful movie franchise I have one question for you guys. Do you want your franchise to keep making money or not? The woman can drift and knows what the people want. Now to be fair, it looked like she was revving the engine really loud and just driving in circles so I'm not sure that counts as drifting, but maybe it does? For Julia, I'm sure the audience members wouldn't have any quarrels. 

Lord have mercy.