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The Biggest Losers On The Internet Right Now Are The One's Celebrating Jonathan Isaac Tearing His ACL Because He Didn't Kneel For The National Anthem

Somehow, someway, we've gotten to the point where an NBA referee had to explain why he didn't kneel over the weekend. A referee! Who cares! He's a referee!

I thought that was going to be the most absurd thing I saw over the weekend, but no. It was not.

This brings us to Jonathan Issac. Before the Magic's first game in the NBA bubble, Jonathan Isaac was the only one not to kneel. This angered a lot of people on Twitter, which I'm sure he saw coming. Being mad at Isaac is obviously completely fine. You're allowed to disagree with him. There was no indications that he was mad at his teammates for kneeling, he just personally did not. His teammates even defended him:

During the Magic's next game, Isaac, unfortunately, tore his ACL. The response to it on Twitter was predictable, but also absurd.

This tweet has 33k retweets and 107k favorites. So, this isn't just some small minority celebrating a man tearing his ACL. That's a MEGA viral tweet.

A torn ACL isn't a tweaked ankle. It's 9-12 months of your career being put on hold. Why on earth somebody would celebrate that is beyond me. Because he didn't kneel? That's the reasoning? I could be missing something about Isaac, but it seems like he's just a guy who plays basketball. Dan Le Batard even ran a poll asking if he thought Isaac tearing his ACL was "funny:"

That's not just some random Twitter account. 

This is the same level of loser as the other side of this "debate" who celebrated Kaepernick not being in the NFL. It's the same level of loser who wishes the NBA will fail due to 'Black Lives Matter' being on the court. The extremes of both sides of this debate have long been at points that make my head spin with stupidity. Grow up, you absolute zeroes. Be an adult.

And asking for anyone's career to be put on hold because of a peaceful action? Grow up. Not everyone is going to agree with you, nor should they. This isn't your bubble of a timeline on Twitter. Sure, you may not want him to succeed on their field/court. I think that's a little extreme, but it's not celebrating an injury.