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Giannis Being Held Back From Fighting A Nets Player And Telling A Ref 'I'm Gonna Fuck Him Up' Is My New Favorite Giannis Highlight

This is perfect for so many reasons. One, Giannis is so damn goofy that I can't take him serious. Clearly he's pissed, but him going from telling Donta Hall that he's going to fuck him up to telling the ref his plan of action was laugh out loud funny. He's just the gigantic human that has a blowjob bell and is now threatening to fight in the bubble, which is exactly what I want. I said from the get go that if there was a lack of fucking going on I wanted these players with pent up anger to go after each other. Does it matter it's the G League version of the Nets? Nope. Giannis is going to fuck someone up if he gets shoved to the ground. Those are just rules. 

This is what I want to see out of Giannis too. I need him to have this edge and not just the goofy wrestling pregame stuff. He got shut down late by James Harden and had bad turnovers. He needs to be pissed this game. Who cares if he has no idea who the hell Donta Hall is? You shove Giannis down, he's going to attack you. 

And sure he may not have actually fought him, but you gotta set the tone by threatening to fuck someone up. That's just rule 1 of hold me back fighting. Run your mouth as much as possible, especially when you're the MVP. 

UPDATE: Justin Anderson attempted to fuck Giannis up right after I hit publish. 

PS to the UPDATE: Remember when Marcus Morris booped Justin Anderson in the head with a ball?