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The Dark Side of Wrestling (Drugs & Snakes)

This week Twisted History will be covering the dark side of wrestling, and we didn't have to look far. Being a performer can be a lonely life - add getting the shit choke slammed out of you every night, travel, vices to escape, and you've got the life of a wrestler. 

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I love wrestling documentaries because they show the rarely before seen human side of some of the baddest heel characters on the planet. The Resurrection of Jake The Snake (free on Tubi w/e the fuck that is, or 99 cents on iTunes) features Jake The Snake (Jake Roberts) and Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) getting sober with the help of a friend and former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. If you want an idea of what heartbreaking, real-life rock bottom looks like, this documentary is it. 

At one point DDP has to pick up Jake because he is belligerent, wandering around the airport with his shoes off. It's a tough watch.

Fortunately for Jake and Scott, they are still here fighting their demons, others by fate or choice haven't been so lucky - which is talked about on the newest episode of Twisted History.

May Jake the Snake forever be remembered for attacking Macho Man Randy Savage with a cobra and completely shocking the world …

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Get a full look into the dark side of wrestling on the latest episode of Twisted History …