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The Premier League Is Looking At Letting Fans Drink Booze In The Stadiums Next Season So More People Are Encouraged To Show Up For Matches

[Source] - The Mail claim that football's drinks ruling - that booze cannot be taken within sight of the pitch - may be ditched as part of the UK Government's plans for sport post-coronavirus.

The Conservatives hope fans will start returning to stadiums by the end of October, and they are considering whether to let supporters take alcoholic drinks to their seats.

If there's one thing missing from European soccer and specifically the Premier League, it's drinking in the stadium. Thinking about all the chanting, the lunatics and all the stories we blog because of it, this is all from drinking at bars (ahem, pubs) before hand. Now you're going to provide people drinks in the stadium? I feel like content is about to go up a page or two with actions here. 

I still don't understand all these alcohol bans at stadiums - whether it's the Premier League or certain colleges. What's the point? You know how easy it is for me to just sneak in some Early Times bourbon in my jeans to a Kentucky football game when I was in college? That's money that could just be spent for you instead. Save me the family bullshit - I say this as a dad even. People fucking suck whether there's alcohol or not, at least if I have a beer to calm down I can drown them out from time to time. There's always going to be the annoying drunk fan or drunk rival fan at a game whether you sell alcohol or not. 

Now that said, I get we're talking about hooligans in England. But it's 2020. Feel like you should be able to sit there and deal with the hooligans while you have a beer. Maybe you become a hooligan while visiting your sister. 

How about the fact we're just talking about places putting people in stands again. I'd kill for that talk right now. Shit, you can take away the alcohol at games if we get that for a year.