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Only In F̶l̶o̶r̶i̶d̶a̶ Chicago, "During Funeral Procession, Family Overpowered Funeral Director, And Took Motorcycle Drawn Hearse With The Body".

Listen to the audio of the call-in here -

This scene is straight out of Sons of Anarchy

Can't say for certain, but this reckless act screams of something that Tig would orchestrate and pull off with a small crew of SAMCRO prospects. 

Or is it more of a Clay move? Trying to carry out a sick revenge plot years in the making or to send a clear message to a rival club?

Either way, I know who was 100% involved in this, most likely from the inside. 

Roach. That's who.

DNA Info (R.I.P.) - MOUNT GREENWOOD — Roach noticed something was out of place in a funeral procession for one of his fellow bikers about 12 years ago.

Nearly a quarter-mile of motorcycles were lined up behind the casket — a Cadillac hearse leading the way.

At the funeral luncheon, Roach, 59, sketched a drawing of a hearse designed to be towed by a motorcycle. His napkin drawing was inspired by horse-drawn hearses from long ago.

Last Ride Funeral Services was founded two years later in 2005. Roach, a retired Chicago firefighter from Mount Greenwood, estimates he's led the way in more than 100 funerals since starting the business.

"We just thought it was a better way to bury bikers," said Roach, who worked as a firefighter in Roseland and Archer Heights.

Roach allows for a five-hour block of time for each "run," which has more than once called for a stop at a favorite tavern of the deceased.

Roach built the hearse with the help of some fellow biker buddies. It took four full days to weld the hearse together at a friend's shop in suburban Oak Forest. Then, Paul Kuba of Monee worked on the interior. Kuba is also part owner of the business.

The hearse is built to ride behind Roach's 2002 Harley-Davidson. A pair of wheels attached to the rear of the bike add stability and make the motorcycle look like a "trike."

You don't just get a nickname like Roach by random luck. 

Building a business based on entirely biker's funerals says a lot about a man. 

This guy been in some shit, seen some shit, and is down for more shit. 

And I don't think anybody is crazy enough to hijack his customized 2002 Harley Hearse without getting his blessing in advance. 

Just speculation here.

But don't be surprised if Chucky takes the fall for this one.

p.s. - Another clear example why print media is laying in the gutter, gasping for breath, searched everywhere online for some sort of article or coverage on this. Zip. Nada. Crazy shit like this puts asses in the seats guys.

p.p.s. - there's been a lot of weird shit happening on two-wheels around here recently