An Amazon Driver In England Got The Cops Called On Him After He Tried Sneaking Into The Woods To Take A Shit

Whoa, I feel like this is a bit of an overreaction here. The dude wasn't feeling well and there's a 100% chance you don't invite him in your house to blow up a toilet. He went into what he thought was woods to shit his brains out. Do you know how uncomfortable that is to begin with? The man is making a sacrifice to keep delivering packages! That's the best part. He just went along his business, literally (h/t The Sun): 

She says the man turned out to be an Amazon driver who went on to deliver a parcel to one of Sharon's neighbours. Police attended the scene and questioned the delivery driver who claimed he was desperate for the loo.

He said he was not feeling well and did not realise the grounds were part of a private garden.

The decision was made not to arrest the Amazon employee on the condition that he would clean up the mess and his employer would be notified of the incident.

Don't think we need to notify Amazon here. Feel like the fact he had to clean up his own shit after shitting in the woods is punishment enough. This isn't dog shit. You're not taking a grocery bag and picking it up. Nope, you gotta be going in knowing you're picking up your own shit. That's disgusting. That's worse than having your employer notified. Plus, he went on to keep delivering packages. Can't fault a guy for doing his job. 

Feel like you gotta blame the homeowner here for not making it clear that's a garden and not woods. Put up an annoying sign or something. There's someone like that in my neighborhood. She has a sign that says 'no trespassing INCLUDING DOGS' on her yard for her fake garden. I want nothing more than my dog to take a piss or shit on her flowers just because it's obnoxious but my dog also isn't a human that can read a sign. Then again when you gotta shit, you gotta shit. This is better than pooping your pants.