This Interview With Miguel Angel Jimenez Is Chock Full Of Gems

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 1.50.02 PM “Miguel, would you like some water?” “My friend, water is for fish.” He pours himself a tall glass of 10-year-old Bushmills whiskey. “Don’t forget—your tee time is in 18 hours.” Jiménez, 51, arches an eyebrow but says nothing. 




So this article just came across my Twitter feed. did a sit down interview with the most fascinating dude in golf, Miguel Angel Jimenez, and it’s a riot.  It’s exactly the type of interview he’d conduct.  It’s full of golf, wisdom, cigars, alcohol, sex and everything in between.  That excerpt I included in the blog above?  That’s the very start of the interview. He’s asked if he wants some water and the first thing he says is, “My friend, water is for fish.”  PERFECT answer.  Perfect Miguel answer.  The whole thing is great.  He’s a walking quote machine.  Even after reading the article I need more Miguel.  He needs to be an analyst.  Hell, he needs his own channel.  I want him to be my life coach.  I want him to teach me his ways.


Here are a few of the highlight quotes (but still read the whole thing):


“At one point I leaned over and said to my caddie, ‘I see a beautiful blonde over there, wearing nice pants with a beautiful ass. I want to know exactly where she is on every part of the golf course.”


“Amassing money for its own sake is meaningless to me. I make it to use it. I like Ferraris so I buy Ferraris.”


“I am here with the sun shining, I’m surrounded by friends and family, tonight I will eat good food, drink good wine, smoke a good cigar and make love to my beautiful wife. It’s a good life, no?”



Unreal.  Read the whole thing here.