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Joey Votto Wants To Buy An Entire Section Of Seats To Put 100+ Pictures Of Himself In The Stands

I'll be honest - I don't hate this idea one bit. Why not? We already have the fake fans in the stands, I say make it as weird as possible. I said this about the NBA Bubble - but I want BASEketball rules. Instead of people like Chris Bosh, Paul Pierce, family members in the virtual stands the home team should be allowed to put ex-girlfriends/teammates they fought with, etc there. Each team should also be allowed to have someone on the baseline for psyche outs. 

I'm not even a Reds fan (yes, I live here. No, I'm not from here) but even I know that Joey Votto should be able to do whatever he wants at Great American. He's one of the best players in the franchise and a Hall of Famer. Let him decorate the entire stadium with a bunch of different sleeveless pictures of himself. You're telling me that won't get him to go 3-for-4 in a game you need to win? 

I love that he's asking if it would be weird. Bro, we're playing a 60-game season with no fans. Nothing is weird this year! We have teams that aren't even going to get to 60 games. Just do whatever you want. The man isn't afraid to troll fans, why not add pictures of yourself to the Hall of Fame resume?