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Allen Iverson Is Trying To Get Vince Carter To Join TikTok Because 'No Bullshit, He's A Top-5 Dancer In The World'

[GQ] - When you think of those off-the-court moments, does anything stick out?

Yeah. That he can dance his ass off. [Laughs.]


Yes. I mean, he's like super incredible. I don’t know if too many people know it, but the guys and the females that know Vince—know him personally—know that he’s like a top-five dancer in the whole world.

What kind of moves are we talking about here?

Dude. Any dance in any style, he can do it. Whatever the young kids can do, whatever the fad is, Vince can do it.

So we gotta get Vince on TikTok, then.

Oh yeah, I’m telling you, man. This ain’t no bullshit. He’s incredible.

I'd do anything to get a Vince Carter/Allen Iverson two-man show. Apparently Vince is just the most interesting dude off the court and AI isn't afraid to say, well, anything. You're telling me you wouldn't be interested in this? Shit, it's not the first time Vince's dancing came up in an interview (via The Athletic)

Jamison: If we ever got separated, like where’s Vince at? You just walk to the middle of the dance floor; there he go right there. He closed down every party.

Okulaja: The DJ’s worst nightmare, because he’d never get off the floor. If the DJ wants to go home, it’s like, nah, one more, one more.

Jamison: I remember one time he was hurt, and I was like, oh, you going out with us? Yeah, I’ll go out. I’m talking limping. I said, Vince. Nah, we can go out! As soon as the music starts playing, I’m like, man, I thought yo ass was hurt! Sitting there moving like ain’t nothing wrong with you. I’m gonna tell Coach when we get to practice (laughs). Just loved music.

And I know TikTok might be gone or whatever soon, but give me Vince on TV dancing. I imagine him walking into the Hawks locker room seeing Trae and Reddish talking about the new fad and then just hitting them right in the face with it. Can't say I'm surprised. Feel like if you can do shit like this in the air, you're a guaranteed great dancer: 


What I love most about this interview though is hearing how much AI just loves to hoop: 

Don't matter what I think. It is what it is. If I had to deal with it, I would want to play. But to each his own. I understand why some guys don't want to play. I don't do a whole bunch of judging. All of us make decisions. You go with the decision, you trust it, you believe in it, you honor it. And that's that, you know what I mean? So I ain't mad at the guys that's playing. I ain't mad at the guys that’s not playing.

You played in a couple of lockout-shortened seasons, where there was a more truncated time to get back into game shape. Do you think that’s something the guys in the bubble right now are going to be struggling with at all?

We hoopers, man. We just hoop. It’s like: throw the ball up, man. Let’s go. That’s my mentality, That’s how I’ve always been. Let’s go.

As much as I hated Iverson because he played for the Sixers that was one thing I always loved about the dude. He'd be out there crossing someone over, taking a beating and then get right back to playing. Impossible not to respect that about the dude that's for sure. 

But the point is we need Vince out there on TikTok. Get him on Stool Team Six ASAP.