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COUNTERPOINT: Courtney Stodden Is Now A POP STAR...Who Also Poured All Over Herself Clad In A Bikini

[Editor’s Note: This is solely a Clickbate Smits production. All about the content, pageviews, and jokes!]

WOW!  A new pop single that dozens will hear AND living the let's pour champagne all over myself life?!?! AMAZING!!!  Just a short decade ago Courtney was underage and married to that actor that could've been her grandfather while also dressing as a cat that did WAY too much with kitty litter (click here to some reason watch)!  Now she's continuing to live the damn dream!  During a global pandemic, no less!  Good for Courtney for fighting the good, totally not awkward fight!  Down with Covid-19!  Up with being a champagne pop star!