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Apparently The Knicks Have Someone In Their Front Office Who Is Known For 'Lotioning His Feet While Conducting Job Interviews' ... The Goddamn Knicks

You know how I know this is real and in no way a joke? It's the goddamn Knicks. That's exactly how you know this is real. If there's one franchise in the NBA - correction, one franchise in all of sports - that would have a front office member slapping lotion all over his feet during job interviews you'd bet the Knicks 100 out of 100 times. I mean this is something that even Rex Ryan is like, you know what, this is a bit too much for my liking. And that dude has a foot fetish! 

Now the Knicks fan in me wants to spin zone this the best I can. All I can think is he needs to make sure he's getting a coach that doesn't crack under pressure. Can't have someone in a rebuild, dealing with New York media, dealing with New York fans and lose their head every time. Gotta have someone who can answer to someone like this: 

Giphy Images.

This goddamn franchise though man. I just want one week of not having some asinine story or asinine rumor popping up all over social media. I just want to see the story that they are doing their due diligence in the Draft and targeting logical free agents while keeping cap space alive to potentially land a star. Preferably without doing interviews with lotion all over your feet. Save that shit for when you're alone, man.