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Courtney Stodden Poured Oil All Over Herself While Clad In A Bikini

This video was apparently a vehicle to drive a promo for Stodden's new single she just dropped. Truthfully I didn't even know she "sang" or anything like that, just assumed she was famous for other reasons. That said, this song isn't all that bad. I was expecting it to be way worse and unlistenable, but it's kinda just whatev. I've heard worse:

Whatever puts asses in seats though, and pouring oil all over yourself while clad in a bikini does, in fact, put asses in seats.

I love this girl. Love her. I need that kinda crazy in my life. Oh and she's just 25 years young. 

PS - speaking of things that are bombed out and depleted, join Smitty and I on Twitch while we run a train on the city of Verdansk. We're getting duos dubs today (yes, multiple) to shut Honk and Billy up.

We go.