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Did Shake Milton's Buzzer Beater Three Just Save Brett Brown's Livelihood?

THIS TEAM!!!  And I don't mean that in a positive way at all!  The Sixers played and were coached like warm dog piss AGAIN in a game they probably should've won by double digits after being up constantly in the 4th.  Seriously.  A buzzer beater for the W is always nice, but Shake Milton just saved Brett Brown’s head from being put on a stake by every Philly sports radio station caller and personality. Possibly a literal statement.  Even so, that probably won't be enough. This team is just missing...something.  Heart? Coaching? Unbridled enthusiasm?  It's tough to say.  But it is quite frustrating watching them try to basketball at times, especially vs. mid-range solid, yet non-superstar talent.  After getting eviscerated by TJ Warren for 50+ points in a BAD loss to the Pacers, DeMar DeRozen put up a rather easy 30 points while Rudy Gay of all people put up 24. Oh, and Derrick White chimed in for 20. Not good!  

It helps to cover up obviously weakness and lack of heart when there's a win, especially when Joel Embid puts up 27 and 9 (after 41 and 21 vs Indiana), and Ben Simmons is still spanking flashes out like this: 

But still, not good.  Whatever.  Midas Whale rest it out for the season and be complacent with a 6 seed and a 1st round dogfight vs. the Celtics.  Heaven help Brett Brown if it's a one and done.  Tbh, even a two and through like last year might not save him.  CUE IT!  

PS - The band played the instrumental version of 1 2 3 4 5 SIXERS as the entrance song for the lady and I at our wedding.  Very highly recommended.  Very underrated pimp.