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25 Years Ago A Little Known Band in San Diego Changed Their Name To blink-182





I thought this was very cool. And somehow I'd never seen it before. I feel like over the years I've seen every bootleg video, heard every story, seen every behind the scenes picture, and then today I saw this for the first time, the official letter that changed "blink" to "blink-182", 25 years ago today. Feel old yet, am I right? 

Though I'm not a big Skiba guy, very few bands have the longevity of blink. We see so many bands come and go, so many bands have a big song here or there but blink has been in the public eye since Dude Ranch came out in 1997, save for a couple of those hiatuses. And even during those, +44, Angels and Airwaves, and Boxcar Racer were born, so we were never really without their music.

Even if you are like me and don't love them without Tom, this band gave us Dude Ranch, Enema, TOYPAJ, and Self Titled back to back to back to back. And Neighborhoods was good too and doesn't get the respect it deserves. And the live album taught me everything I ever needed to know about masturbation at way too young of an age.


So hey, 25 years, good on ya, blink 182. Now get back together for fucks sake, I'm not getting any younger.