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How Does Javy Baez Do This Shit?

I know the answer has something to do with Magic but the reality is I still don't understand how he does this shit. It's at the point where you expect him to make a sweet tag at 2nd base at every opportunity and let me repeat myself WE'RE TALKING ABOUT TAG PLAYS AT 2ND BASE. I mean imagine being so good at tagging people on a baseball field that people would rather watch you do that than hit bombs or make sweet plays at shortstop. Nope instead we'd rather have Javy post up at 2nd base and take errant throws for the next hour or so. That's how we get our rocks off on the north side. 

Absolutely unreal set of skills from Javy. It's at this point I remind you guys that people wrote him off several times for several years. First he was a Jim Hendry guy that Theo didn't draft. Then he was too chubby. Then too bad for shortstop. Then out of place when they drafted Kris Bryant. Then he was behind Zobrist. Then Addison Russell. Then Zobrist again before finally getting a chance everyday at shortstop and literally never looking back. I know he's fucking awesome but it's important to remember it wasn't guaranteed and he wasn't always this good. He's gotten better each and every year and I think deep down that's what Cubs fans love most about him. He's always been electric but he's quite literally the most reliable man in the majors. People never talk about that so I'm doing it right now.